Vietnam Hair Factory In Nigeria And The Secrets Behind Them

Currently, there are several opportunities in the hair business. This is the place to go if you are really new to the hair industry or hoping to know more about it. If you are looking for information about Vietnam hair factory in Nigeria, this article will provide that information.

  • Is there a Vietnam hair factory in Nigeria? 

A question we are frequently asked is whether there is a Vietnam hair factory in Nigeria. The respond is unquestionably NO. There is no Vietnam hair factory in Nigeria for a number of reasons, including a shortage of skilled laborers, a lack of hair resources in Nigeria, as well as absence of producers in Nigeria.

Is there a Vietnam hair factory in Nigeria? 

However, it is not too difficult to import hair from Vietnam to Nigeria. Currently, the global shipping is well developed, and factory in Vietnam frequently use their own shipping methods to Nigeria. They are also highly familiar with and have several commercial relationships with Nigerians, thus it makes little difference whether or not there is a Vietnam hair factory in Nigeria. If you wish to buy hair from Vietnam , please refer to the steps listed below.

  • Vietnam hair factory in Nigeria: Why is Vietnamese hair popular in Nigeria

Vietnamese hair producers produce hair products with some exceptional qualities that help them be excellent for Nigerians.

  • Vietnamese human hair has superior quality, with brilliant sheen and a smooth, lustrous texture. Vietnamese women maintain a healthy way and frequently wash their hair with herbal shampoo. Hair from Vietnam hair factories can be fashioned in a variety of ways without diminishing in quality.
  • Compared with Nigerian wholesale hair distributors, purchasing hair products from Vietnamese hair manufactures is more affordable. Because raw hair supplies are abundant in Vietnam, Vietnamese hair producers are not required to import hair materials from other countries. So, the economic growth of Nigerian hair vendors who purchase products from Vietnamese factories is exceptionally high.

Vietnamese human hair is popular in Nigeria

  • Vietnam hair factory in Nigeria is now the keyword receiving the most interest. Because of the tight ties between Vietnam and Nigeria, shipping procedures between the two nations are becoming significantly simpler. Therefore, Vietnamese hair factories attract more Nigerian wholesale hair than factories in other countries.
  • In addition, the government in Vietnam has taken measures to promote the import of commodities, particularly hair items, making international transportation relatively straightforward. The sale of hair products will then become more stable.

Vietnam hair factory in Nigeria is non-existent, however, you can import hair in Viet Nam for your hair company from reliable Vietnamese hair merchants. We’re sure that using Vietnamese hair will help your brand and reputation grow faster.

  • Vietnam hair factory in Nigeria: How to buy hair from Vietnam hair factory 

If you live in Nigeria and really want to buy Vietnamese hair, we will reveal some mysteries about them, and you should follow the measures in this part to ensure you receive the highest quality hair.

In this section, you will find step-by-step directions on how to buy hair from Vietnam at the affordable price. 

3.1. Vietnam hair factory in Nigeria: Finding to the reputable Vietnam hair factory

It’s easy to find a hair supplier, but there is no Vietnam hair factory in Nigeria, where there aren’t any Vietnamese hair factories. Some suggestions for locating the top wholesale hair factory to work with:

  • Facebook,Google, and the websites of the Vietnamese hair factories should be scoured for information on them. Thereby, they can read reviews from customers and make an unbiased comment
  • Make a video chat with a salesperson to determine whether the client is a manufacturing or commercial enterprise. A real factory won’t hesitate to do it
  • Generally, reputable hair distributors will not present you with an excessive discount. Because the cheaper the cost, the lower the quality of the hair. Be careful!

Vietnam hair factory in Nigeria: How to find the reputable Vietnamese factory

  • Keep a close eye to the return, payment, and guarantee policies. It is safer to find a company that offers swaps and refunds.

3.2. Vietnam hair factory in Nigeria: Select hair products

Select the hair goods you wish to import after identifying the top Vietnam hair factory. Before acquiring hair items from Vietnamese factories, it is essential to understand your company’s mission and the type of hair products you intend to offer. You intend to start a salon, utilize it yourself, or resell the hair.  Based on your objectives, you may be able to get certain things.

3.3. Vietnam hair factory in Nigeria: Contact sales person

The third stage is to call the sales representative then ask for video or photo samples of the hair products to make sure you obtain good ones.

If you have a list of hair products you need to buy, you can ask sales team for assistance making an order. If you are new to the hair business, feel free to talk to their salesperson for more information.

3.4. Vietnam hair factory in Nigeria: Making order 

After talking with the Vietnamese hair producer about the amount, type, and price of the hair, go ahead and place the order.

  • Give the Vietnam hair factory in Nigeria a WhatsApp or email with the whole information of your last selection.
  • They will email you a confirmation of your order and an bill that details the product’s shipping cost, price,  and applicable terms.
  • When you confirm the bill, Vietnamese hair sellers will want advance payment or deposit for a percentage of the product’s cost, often fluctuating from 50 to 70 percent of the total cost of the items, before beginning manufacturing. Because Vietnam hair factory in Nigeria is not available so have to change money. 
    • In order to deposit dollars in Nigeria, one must physically visit a bank, which is not possible for everyone. Additionally, this incurs an international cost.
    • Using agents to let you transfer the money is a simpler and faster option, but the exchange proportion will be greater than the cash rate.

Making an order

  • It takes about 5 to 8 days for hair products that are not in stock because it is Vietnam hair factory in Nigeria. 
  • Make a video chat to verify the quantity and quality of the hair items in the order prior to shipment. When you are pleased, you should complete the final payment.

3.5. Vietnam hair factory in Nigeria: Receiving your purchase

When you receive your purchase from the carrier, film the unpacking process on camera as evidence in case a complaint develops in the future.

  • Vietnam hair factory in Nigeria: Some recommended popular Vietnamese hair factories

In order to help you save your time and keep you safe, the following manufacturers could be a Vietnam hair factory in Nigeria for you

4.1. Vietnam hair factory in Nigeria: Vin hair vendor – Top 1 Vietnam hair factory

Vin hair vendor is a perfect choice if you want to work with the best hair factory in Vietnam. They have their own factory so they can offer the most competitive price on the market.

  • Product: Provide a lot of famous hair products on the market such as clip in, weft (closure & frontal), and wigs,… 
  • Pricing: Thanks to the advantage of owning its own factory, Vin hair vendor offers surprisingly cheap prices

Hair products from Vin hair vendor

  • Reviews: Any customer is extremely satisfied when buying products here

Choosing Vin hair vendor is a wise and smart choice for your hair business

4.2. Vietnam hair factory in Nigeria: Layla Hair – Top 2 Vietnam hair factory

A Vietnamese hair supplier formed by Vietnamese women with both the intention of both profiting and serving the community.

  • Product: Layla Hair provides ready-made or individualized items. There are a variety of goods available, including tape-ins, clip-ins and hair wigs,… This factory offers superior quality with traceable hair origins.
  • Pricing: The cost is really competitive. Lace frontal 13×4 18 inch with 108$
  • Reviews: numerous favorable comments from 

Layla Hair is a fantastic option if you wish to purchase products from Vietnamese hair manufacturers, but there is no Vietnamese hair factory in Nigeria.

4.3.  Vietnam hair factory in Nigeria: Jen hair – Top 3 Vietnam hair factory

Since 1995, Jen Hair has been established and is among the first hair suppliers nationwide. After starting out as a tiny hair collection company, Jen Hair is now the largest hair factory in the country.

  • Product: Wefts, wigs, closures & frontals are diverse hair kinds available in a range of styles and colors. This factory is best known for its products for curly hair.
  • Pricing: Jen hair provides reasonably priced, high-quality products.
  • Reviews: numerous positive comments

Jen hair in Vietnam is regarded as the best hair wholesaler from whom you can obtain superior hair if there is no Vietnam hair factory in Nigeria. 

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